California And Wyoming Vs. Wyoming Essay

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Since TANF is a block grant and is disbursed to all states, the budget the budget that the states have for their individual family and child welfare services programs are at a constant change. The amount of money that each state receives depends on the number of participants they have in the program and the amount of MOE they spend. In 2013 states spent about $15 billion in MOE funds with the level that they are required to send at 80%, this is about half the amount in 1994 on AFDC-related programs after adjusting for inflation (CBPP 2015). After viewing the spending report of a few states for the year of 2014 on Family services, I came to the conclusion that the more recipients you have the more MOE dollars you must spend and with that the more funds you get from the government. I compared California and Wyoming to come to the conclusion. The reason I choose those two states were because California had the highest average of recipients for the fiscal year of 2016 with 1,022,171, and Wyoming had the lowest average number of recipients with 880. While looking at the spending report there was a noticeable difference between the amount that each state spent and received on their family and child welfare programs. Although the amount of money that each state receives fluctuates yearly the budget for TANF had remained the same since 1996, the block grant is set at $16.5 billion each year. It is important to note that the TANF grant funds does not keep up with inflation so its…

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