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PYC3705 TRANSFORMATIVE COUNSELLING ENCOUNTERS STUDENT NUMBER - 41308670 ASSIGNMENT 2 - 364849 SEMESTER 2 - 2012 LAUREN PRINSLOO I, Lauren Prinsloo, hereby declare that this is my own and personal work, except where the work(s) or publications of others have been acknowledged by means of reference techniques. I have read and understood Tutorial Letter CMNALLE/301/2011 regarding technical and presentation requirements, referencing techniques and plagiarism. Name: Lauren Prinsloo Date: 1 September 2012 Student Number: 41308670 Witness: Jason Stuart Loofe | | …show more content…
Carol: Most of the people I see call me because we put up flyers to create awareness of the support group and my contact details are on that flyer. Many people call to find out more information before making an appointment. People can be nervous about joining a support group and its my job to make them feel comfortable.
Lauren: So that initial call is important in creating an accepting environment so the client feels encouraged to join the group? (Paraphrasing)
Carol: Exactly, I usually explain that we are here to help and try and ease the tension of making the first step.
Lauren: (Leaning forward) Have you always done group counselling?
Carol: No, I initially started counselling in a school setting, then went on to work in our local hospital with long-term illness patients. Eventually I started my own support group at the hospital, which I ran for just over four years. I find that working with a group is more rewarding and you can have fun with the group. It’s a much more relaxed meeting.
Lauren: So you find it more enjoyable? (Reflection of feeling)
Carol: (Smiling) Yes, I build strong bonds with my clients as do they with each other. There is less pressure because everyone enjoys being there. You can see how they make a difference in each others lives and work through things together as a group. Group counselling allows people to see that there are others experiencing the same, if not worse, problems so it gives them

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