Essay about Byzantine Empire And The Roman Empire

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Byzantine Empire

Byzantine or byzantine was found around 660 b.c by a greek citizen byzas from mergara near athens . No one actually knows where the name came from it had already been there for years .It was renamed by byzas, byzantium was a name by him. Its referred to as the Eastern Roman Empire . Its capital was Constantinople. In A.D. 324 the Emperor of the West, Constantine I, crushed the Emperors of the East, Maxentius and Licinius, in the common wars of the Tetrarchy. Constantine turned into the main Christian ruler of the Roman Empire—however the complete transformation of the Roman Empire to Christianity was not fulfilled during his lifetime.There 's most likely during the tenet of Constantine, Christianity turned into the overwhelming religion of the Empire—however it 's exceptionally conceivable that Constantine 's greatest misgiving was that he was never ready to accomplish a brought together Christian Church.
One of the most common conclusions is that when the Empire was split in two, it would never be able to reach its former glory againIt separated the byzantine empire from the spirit of classical rome .Theodosius I was the last ruler to manage over the entire Roman Empire. He was additionally the person who split it directly down the center, giving Rome (West) to his child Honorius and Constantinople (East) to his other child Arcadius. The more traditional, Western part of the Roman Empire debilitated essentially when the area was partitioned, while the…

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