Byzantine Empire : A Powerful Country On The Empire Of The Western Europeans Into Christian Nations

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In Byzantium Empire there was a lot of political changes sometimes for the better or sometimes of the worst. Mostly they effected medieval Europe and change how mid evil Europe functioned. Through different political ideologies and changing political strategies the empire became a powerful country on the hands of the western roman world in its collapse and instability. While the Byzantium Empire went through a period of stability and great power. One example of political change in the Byzantium Empire is when Constantine defeated Maxentius in 312 CE. This political change happened when Constantine took control over the land and tried to stabilize it. He controlled it by making a strategic moment by issuing a statement of policy known as the Edict of Milan. This reinforces polices of tolerance for Christianity and changed the empire of the western Europeans into Christian nations. Constantine change a whole, big land of many different faiths and created a true nation of Christian Greeks. Constantine Empire turned into the Byzantium Empire and it effected the western European land the most, in a bad way. This would have better for the Christians who were already Christians because the expanding of their religion would be very good for their ideologies. Another group who probably wouldn’t be effected by this the government at the time because if they wanted it their way, the change would have been good and they would just continue along this change of political. Overall…

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