`` But Pop It 's Great Material Makes Everything More Real More Human '

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Maus Mid-term Tensions also arise between the two when Vladek tells his story his way, but Artie tries to structuralize and organize the story his own way. Within the first chapter already Vladek and Artie disagree, “’I don’t want you to write this in your book’…’but Pop it’s great material makes everything more real-more human’” (Spiegelman 1:23). They have just begun and already are having disputes about what the book should incorporate and how it will affect the story. Vladek wants the story to have a beginning, middle, and end; but Artie wants to know the details, and how and why decisions were made under such tough circumstance (Young 678). Artie tries to control his fathers telling of the story; where as, Vladek just wants to tell his son the story. Vladek sometimes would jump around with his stories. For instance, when he was talking about how his father starved him to avoid the war, and then got distracted, he resumed with telling the story of 1943. Artie immediately said, “Wait! Please dad, if you don’t keep your story chronological, I’ll never get it straight…tell me about 1941 and 1942” (Spiegelman 1: 82). As Vladek continues to tell his stories he realizes that he does not want parts of his life and stories, which he is telling his son in the book. Artie lies to his father and incorporates all of it anyways. This really shows how much Vladek means to Artie, compared to how much telling the full story of the Holocaust means to him. Therefore, without the tension…

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