Business and Society Essay

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With increasing urgency, market and social forces are rewriting the roles and responsibilities of business as well as its strategies. Though the profit motive of business is understood and accepted, people do not accept it as an excuse for ignoring the basic norms, values, and standards of being a good citizen. Modern businesses are expected to be responsible towards the community resources working toward the growth and success of both their companies and their communities. Business ethics can be examined from various new perspectives, including the perspective of the employee, the commercial enterprise, and society as a whole. Very often, situations arise in which there is conflict between one or
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* Understand the concept of social responsibility and environmental responsibility of business ethics. * Recognize the role of business in environmental pollution. * Describe the basic consumer rights and additional rights of consumers. * Understand the concept and components of consumerism, environmental and anti-consumerism movement.

Unit outline 1. Business ethics 1.1 The meaning and the nature of ethics 1.2 The meaning and the nature of business ethics 1.3 The importance of business ethics 1.4 International business ethics and ethics of economic systems 1.5 Differing opinion regarding business ethics 2. Social responsibility of business ethics 2.1 Concept of social responsibility 2.2 Business Responsibility towards different interest groups 2.3 Environmental pollution and the role of business 3. Consumer right and business 3.1The basic consumer rights 3.2 Additional rights of consumers 4. Consumerism, Environmentalist Movement and Business 4.1 Concept of Consumerism 4.2 Components of consumerism 4.3 Consumerism and Business 4.4 Consumerism and Environmental Problems 4.5 A Social Movement to Protect Consumers


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