Business Finance : Business Process Analyst Essay

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1) a- Business Process Analyst b- This job needs a person who has an experience and background of finance, which can analyse the complex finance process to be more effective. Also, under this job, the worker must be able to write reporting about the corporate finance environment. In addition, having good communication skills that can help working with stakeholders. The job is located in Auckland city centre, at Alexzander James Company. The work type will be either contract or temporary. c- The business finance is basely managing money and other valuable assets such as stock. Therefore, the business finance role can match the requirement of this job provided above which is managing and investing strategy on debt. d- Even the technology is improving, this skills of how to corporate with money is unchanged. It can be developed, but the methods must be standard in the whole finance world. Therefore, for this job for example, the finance environment will request more in future.

2) A- Avoiding financial losses as impacted on the global finance crisis. Therefore, working with the principles can guide and deduct any financial problem in the local finance sector. As well as to give direction for whom want to invest in overseas.
B- Ethical standards: In this role, the managers must working in a high standard of their ethical behaviour to deliver the…

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