Business 1 Coursework 1 on Enterprise Essay

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Business 1 Coursework 1 on Enterprise

1. Identify three reasons why Enterprise uses workforce planning.
Workforce planning is the process of analysing an organization's likely future needs for people in terms of numbers, skills and locations. It is an essential process in Human Resource Management as it ensures that a firm has the right number of people in the right place, with the right skills at the right time. Workforce planning often has 5 steps. The first step is the ‘Environment Scan’ which involves managers look at why workforce planning is important, the strategic objectives, the internal and external environment. The second step is ‘Current Workforce Profile’ where managers look at their current profile, current skills and
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However, the real attraction is the chance of a career rather than just a job. Most employees start out as Management Trainees with the potential to progress to Vice President. Applicants would be high attracted upon hearing that ‘most’ employees in Enterprise progress to Vice President. Employees also have opportunities to specialize in specific areas such as finance, human resource management, vehicle acquisition, risk management and many others. This allows individuals to develop their career path as they progress within the company. Also, Enterprise makes every effort to ensure that its workforce is representative to the cultural and ethnic diversity in the wider population. It believes in cultural awareness. This is a positive sign for applicants as nobody wants to face racism and discrimination, and instead look forward to working in a friendly environment where individuals are noticed according to their performance at work, rather than their appearance, age, sex and race. Enterprise has an online recruitment process. This strategy improves the speed and efficiency of the application for both the company and the applicant, the website provides lists of jobs available and also provides information about the company culture and values. This allows applicants to get a good idea of whether Enterprise would suit them. An ‘internship’ scheme is available for university students. It gives students an opportunity to work with

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