Bureaucracy as a Tool in School Administration, a Study of Max Weber's Approach to Bureaucracy.

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Bureaucracy As A Tool For Administration In Schools, A Study Of Max Weber’s Approach

By Andrew Muringani.

Bureaucracy is one of the rational structures that are playing in an over-increasing role in modern society. Thus bureaucracy is the key feature of an organization. In schools bureaucracy endures because of the assurance of order, rationality, accountability and stability it provides to the public. The school as a system has goals to meet. The need of mass administration makes it today completely indispensable. Thus this write up will examine Max Weber’s theory of bureaucracy and it will explain its applicability into the education system.
Bureaucracy is identified as an organization with a hierarchy of paid, full-time officials
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More so if they are corrections to be made by the teacher, the flows will then have to follow the same channel and even on their return. Teachers can be charged out to ignorance in the event that new policy has been introduced into the system, since circulars may take too long to reach the furthest school in the district from the head office. Because of this long chain of communication that is likely with that information will reach to the last person while it has lost truthful flavour is especially on documented instructions at classroom level.

The bureaucracy is founded on rational legal authority. This type of authority rests on the belief in the legality of formal rules and hierarchy and in the right of these elevated in the hierarchies and in the right of those elevated in the hierarchy to possess, authority and issue commands. Authority is given to officials based on their skills, position and authority placed formally in each position. Rational legal authority can take a variety of structural forms but the form that most interested Weber was bureaucracy which he considered "the purest type of exercise of legal authority" that every position in the hierarchy has powers which are legitimate. Decision-making can be done in the highest positions of the pyramidal structure. From a technical point of view of bureaucracy is capable of attaining the highest degree of efficiency and is in this sense formally the most rational known

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