Bullying Is Becoming More Spread At An Alarming And Dangerous Rate

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1.General Purpose: Bullying in schools is becoming more spread at an alarming and dangerous rate.

2.Specific Purpose: School systems are becoming a host of parasitic bullying, negatively affecting students learning environments.

3.Central idea: The presence of bullying is presented as a disease, to a point that to prevent it from becoming worse, school systems specifically need to intervene so that students have the ability to learn in a healthy environment.


A)The Victim: Children and Teenagers- Consequently, this stage of life is targeted the most. Children and teenagers are either the actual bully or the victims of bullying. This includes cyber,emotional,verbal,physical and in some extreme cases even sexual.

B) School System: Notwithstanding the awareness of certain bullying cases, they do not push to correct,nor stop the bully. This gives the bully more advantage in the school system than the school system taking action. More often than not, school systems do not want the reputation drawn to them that they have a bullying problem. Thus, leaving many cases of bullying unattended in hopes that it will clear up on its own. This is not always the case. If intervention is not taken on by the school administration, it has potentially a higher chance to escalate rather than resolved.

C) Parents: Parents, who are involved in their children’s lives are growing concerned for their children’s safety and well being while at school. In response to the…

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