Bullying, Depression, And Depression Essay

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Some additional social topic that I considered was bullying in school, depression, disability, depression.

News article summary #1
This story is about a Montana teen who had a learning disability. He had decide to commit suicide after two years of persistent bullying in the schools. The bullying started on January 2013. “Deon Gillen, 18, took his life on Feb. 14 after his family battled with both his middle school and high school who they say failed to protect him against habitual tormenting.” He was diagnosed with “aggravated post-traumatic stress disorder” (bult, 2016) He was also subjected to verbal abuse and was frequently called “stupid” and “retard. (bult, 2016)“Deon parent told the school staff that they were “worried that their son might hurt himself.” Deon was “hospitalized with heavy bruising on his arms and knuckle imprints after an incident at a skating rink.” (bult, 2016)He also told the emergency room counselor that a boy who bullied him punched him. Deon also told the counselor” (bult, 2016)that he had thoughts of suicide. (bult, 2016) “Deon did tell the school about his persistent bullying but the claim was “if I didn’t see it, I can’t do anything about it” (bult, 2016). In a meeting with the school faculty they were told that the school would no longer make special accommodations for Deon and was told by the middle school 's principal, Lisa Rosberg, to just “drop the whole thing.” (bult, 2016)The 18 year old boy is now remembered as a sweet natured teen…

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