Bullying : Bullying And Depression Essay

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Bullying Statistics
Bullying and Depression

As of 2014, one out of three children get bullied during their middle school years and four out of five children have depression during their high school years. Bullying will often lead to depression, for both the victim and the bully. It can and most times will lead to other problems such as: low self esteem, anxiety, physical illness, and high rates of school absence. Those who were bullied as a child are more likely to suffer from depression as an adult. Both the victim and the bully in their life times will suffer from depression, being a kid and going through this traumatic experience will lead to other serious problems. Researchers suggest that low self esteem could be a cause of cyber bullying, although further research has to be done for anything to be finalized. Victims of cyberbullying show many more signs of depression than other bully victims, research shows that cyberbullying is more relentless than other forms of bullying. Signs of depression include but are not limited to: withdrawal from friends or family, long lasting irritability, changes in sleep patterns, aches and pains with no obvious physical cause, sudden loss of interest in hobbies, ect.

Effects Of Bullying In every bullying situation, there are typically three people involved, the victim, the bully, and a witness. The witness is either a bystander- someone who does nothing about it-, or an upstander- someone who does something about it. No matter…

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