Bullying : Abusive Supervision And Bullying Essay

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Workplace Bullying
Abusive supervision and bullying are two of the biggest issues facing the workplace today. Literature struggles to define bullying because of its ambiguous and diverse nature (Bible, 2012; Olive & Cangemi, 2015). Different percentages of the population are shown by research (Bible, 2012; Magee et al., 2015; Olive & Cangemi, 2015; Samnani, 2013) to be affected or involved to some degree, possibly due to the varying definitions of the term “bullying.” Bible (2012) defines it as involving “emotional abuse characterized by hostile verbal and nonverbal behavior directed at a person such that the target’s sense of himself or herself as a competent person and worker is negatively affected” (p. 33). Shoss, Restubog, Eisenberger, and Zagenczyk (2013) say that when supervisors “humiliate, belittle, or otherwise treat subordinates derisively” (p. 158), they are exhibiting abusive supervision. Abusive supervision is a significant problem for organizations because victim employees, or “targets,” often choose to leave. Targets are thought to be non-confrontational, quiet, and weak; on the contrary, victims of bullying are normally well-liked and dedicated to their work (Olive & Cangemi, 2015).
Persistence is a key factor in identifying bullying behaviors; the acts must continue for about six months, and occur at least once a week (Samnani, 2013) to be considered bullying activities.
What is bullying?
Bullies themselves display a few identifying characteristics and…

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