Building a Microbrewery Essay

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Building a Microbrewery Class, there is a lot of information here and much does not apply to what we are doing. So pick and choose what you think you can use

Part one of three

The step-by-step approach to planning, building and running a small brewery is the only way to fly.
Written by: Mike Coulter, P.Eng. cemcorp LTD. - Copyright 1987
So you want to build and operate a brewpub or microbrewery, huh? This article is intended as a brief reference and summary of the steps to building a brewing operation from start to finish.
You have been reading "The New Brewer" for a couple of years, maybe even right back to the premier issue in November, 1983. You have become an
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The major distinction between your beer and that of the top 10 is that yours will definitely be different.
A good beer is one that customers buy. The top 10 Brewers had 95% of the beer sales market in 1986 because they marketed products that people wanted to buy. By this definition then, they make good beer. A better beer is one that customers will pay a premium price for. By this definition then, you hope to produce and sell a "better" beer. The simple definition of a bad beer is one that customers don't buy. You have no guarantee that the products you finally produce and market will fall into the "better" or "bad" category. These are the only two choices that you have since there is no point in trying to duplicate an A-B or Miller or Stroh beer as they do an excellent job at producing and selling this type of beer.
The primary objective of any commercial venture is to make a profit. However, in order to make a profit, you must resolve a myriad of problems covering all facets of marketing, financing, engineering design, construction, administration and operation of a commercial enterprise. What you must know before you even begin building a microbrewery is how to start a business. If you have never been in business for yourself before, the first thing you will have to learn is how to create and develop a successful

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