Essay on Building During The Roman Era

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In Islamic architecture, the mosques embody the formal art and system of order that Islamic society uses to create the experience of a building. In every mosque, there is evidence of Roman components, which make up western architecture, molded and elaborated on by western society. Islamic architecture is considered western architecture because Islamic architecture contains the formal order that had begun from Rome. Western architecture began with Rome when the formal order of spatial organization began and elaborated on by other western civilizations after Rome.

William J. Anderson and R. Phene Spiers. The architecture of Ancient Rome. 2nd ed. Edited by Thomas Ashby. London: University Microfilms International, 1979, pg. 6 This book details the development and emergence of designed public space during the Roman era, written by William J. Anderson, a renowned British author of multiple books analyzing the classical era of architecture. Anderson provides long-term overviews and chronological accounts of the evolution of the Roman design concepts comparing older and new Romans forms, illustrating with printed plate shape and form of surviving Roman buildings. In this ordering of information, Anderson is able to tease out the subtle changes and development cycle of public spaces, moving from assimilation and culmination of public spaces such as the entertainment venue, culminating in space such as the circus Maximus and colosseum in Rome. Through perspectival…

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