Building A Transcontinental Route Essay

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There were numerous purposes behind building a transcontinental route. The essential reason was to unite the shaping nation of Canada together. A new nation was being built; territories were merging, forming a new country. This union was called Confederation. A new Canadian government was formed, similar to the style of the British parliament that includes a House of Commons and a Senate.
The railway started to be worked on in 1871, however, politics, finances and mismanagement delayed the start of construction. The CPR was finished in the year of 1885. The development of the CPR started on the track from the East in Montreal reaching out crosswise over Canada to the Pacific Ocean. To lay the track, teams needed to cut trees and clear a wide range of land along a way made by surveyors. Groups assembled extensions and trestles crosswise over streams and canyons. Additional teams utilized explosives to blast their way through the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia. The procedure of building the CPR can 't be depicted in a single word. It was a long and hard process for both the administration of Canada and for the specialists building it.
Nov 7, 1885 stamped the finishing date of the CPR, once the last spike was pounded into the tracks by…. Yet it wasn 't until July fourth, 1886 that the first traveler train voyaged cross all of Canada in under 6 days.

How it all began.
John A. MacDonald had big dreams for all of Canada. His dream consisted of a…

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