Canadian Pacific Railway Case Study

safeguarded with the efforts of the Canadian governments. In addition, the public interests could be protected since the consistent perfecting railways system and facilities due to enough finance support. The Canadian officials play an essential role in protecting the national fundamental interests as well as adjusting different parties’ interests.
With the mature of the Canadian railway system, the officials began to loosen the control to the railway companies and reduced the policies intervention to some extent. The loosen control of the transporting price make the two companies’ operational environment and condition achieve great improvements. The railways companies abide by the laws and standardize the operating actions so as to take part in the market competition totally. The ease operating environment keep the existing market share in an efficient way. Apart from, the companies could pursue the economic interests with all their strength and the cost reduce effectively. The flexible policies of the government make the railway companies meet the customers’ demands soundly and the service quality lifted with time goes on. The railway companies could deal with all the assets basing on the laws, while if the local government suppose the line should be retained, then the
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The railway network expands from Vancouver in the west to Montreal in the east and has railways across the border to Minneapolis, Chicago, New York City and other cities. Speaking of Canadian Pacific Railway, its history and meaning are important. The reason of build such a railway is to unify a new country and its completion was an important tool to eliminate aggression from the United State and maintain national security. It also bears the dream of governing the country and political ideas of conservative party led by Sir John Alexander

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