Rhetorical Analysis: The Old Capitol Mall

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Is getting your money worth about quality or quantity? The Old Capitol Mall is known for being so close to campus and having stores of everyone’s interest that demonstrate good rhetoric. Buffalo Wild Wings, relies on their company and media for advertisements. In order to show the rhetoric, I have examined articles, videos, and menus. Also, I have conducted an interview with a customer that utilizes the space often.
Buffalo Wild Wings uses multiple types of advertisements to establish the business inside rhetoric. For example, in some sitting areas, there are pictures and posters hanging on the walls. In the painting by Jeeks S., you will notice that there is a painting of bottles of sauces on the ground connecting to each other. The painting
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The pictures on the menu are being advertised for people to purchase the appealing foods. For example, on the menu, it displays different varieties of food. The appearance of the menu would persuade you to buy the food item. For example, this is where you choose quality or quantity. Some of their food can be expensive, but it is very good. If you prefer quality over quantity, then you will pay $6.99 plus tax for 6 wings from ; whereas , you will pay $4.50 for 5 wings that taste the opposite for what they are at Gumby’s Pizza. In addition, the letters on the menu are designed to grab the customers’ attention. The menu has big bold letters, creating creativity. The menu uses pathos and ethos because the pictures and wording keep the costumers wanting more and craving, and they both give credit to Buffalo Wild Wings. The rhetoric inside the building and on the menu share a common context and audience. The context is cultural because Buffalo Wild Wings’ restaurants are set up different from other restaurants, and it has been their set up for decades. Also, the target audience can be all age groups. For example, on the menu, it serves alcoholic beverages and offers a kids’ menu as well. Sports fans holds a huge role in targeting an audience because Buffalo Wild Wings host sporting events. This proves that Buffalo Wild Wings can serve all age groups because they have something to …show more content…
Politicians also uses Buffalo Wild Wings for they own needs. For example, Donald Trump provides reasoning for why he eats there. Donald participating in Buffalo Wild Wings is good for business because he is running for presidency and he provided good reasoning for eating there. According to the article, Donald Trump said “I had to blow off a little steam after so I headed down to Buffalo Wild Wings to start drinking for the big debate” (Commenter 2016). One reason why Trump uses Buffalo Wild Wings is because it is a stress reliever for. Also, he states that “I pregame at Buffalo Wild Wings because its just a incredible place to hang out.”(Commenter 2016). He also uses it for pregame. The rhetoric being used is logos and pathos because he is giving credit to Buffalo Wild Wings and providing his personal preference. The context is situational because Donald Trump is expressing himself after he pregame and after his

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