Buddhism: A Powerful Way Of Life

Buddhism is another major belief system in this world. Though not one of the largest, it is still a religion that many people follow. It was founded many years ago and it is one of the older belief systems in this world. I have only known a few people who are Buddhists and I have always seen Buddhism as a very peaceful way of life. Buddhism is more of a philosophy of life that helps the individual reach his or her highest potential. This research has definitely taught me more about the beauties of Buddhism and humility that followers of this faith have. It has also helped me to a greater appreciation of this faith. First I learned more about the history of Buddhism. Buddhism is another religion that has its roots in India. It was started approximately …show more content…
After Siddhartha Gautama journey of enlightenment, he was able to learn the four noble truths that all Buddhists must follow. First, there is suffering in this world. Second, suffering is caused by desire and ignorance. Third, the end of suffering is reaching nirvana. Finally, the fourth is the noble eightfold path will help end suffering. The noble eightfold path steps are right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration. Buddhists also believe in the idea of Karma. Karma refers to the actions that one takes. Good acts can bring about happiness in the long run. Bad acts, on the other hand, lead to unhappiness. Neutral karma has no benefits or costs, since it just involves breathing, eating, and sleeping. Followers of Buddhism also follow five precepts. The first is Ahimsa, or refraining from violence towards sentient life. The second is refraining from taking which is not given, or stealing. The third is refraining from sensual, including sexual misconduct. The fourth is refraining from lying. Finally, the last precept involves refraining from intoxicants, which can lead to a loss of mindfulness. Based on these beliefs for Buddhists, I can see that Buddhism is a way of cleaning one’s mind body and soul. Buddhism truly looks at the “self” of a person. It is a way of detoxifying all of the things that can lead to a bad sense of self. Buddhism looks towards being humble and more down to earth. It involves being an understanding person and not filled with hatred and it looks towards the rules in life that we should follow. The five precepts, to me, seem like rules made for children, in that this precious idea of innocence and high morality is taken with high value. The tenets of this faith essentially help me see the down to earth nature of this faith and a high regard for humility that followers

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