Buddhism Is A Religion That Approximately 300 Million People Around The World

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Buddhism is a religion that approximately 300 million people around the world believe in. The word comes from “budhi”, to awaken, and its founder was Siddhartha Gautama, known as Buddha, was awakened at age 35. By the meaning of awakened, refers to the founder Siddhartha Gautama, who at a small age was raised wealthy and powerful of a small kingdom Lumbini, North of India (About Buddhism). His parents were very strict that on his so in the future one day Siddhartha will conquer Lumbini. Siddhartha father kept him isolated with the outside world, which his father didn’t want Siddhartha to witness sickness nor death. At age 16, Siddhartha got married and had a son. Later, at approximately of the age 29, Siddhartha escaped from the guards and left the palace to find the answer that was hidden from him for years. As soon as he was exploring the real world life, he came across seeing the hurtful thing that he hasn’t seen before; he came across seeing an old man-gaunt with a broken tooth, seeing a dead body lying across the road racked with diseases. So, as Siddhartha witness all tragedies, he wanted to move on and be determined to follow the calling of a truth-seeker (..) In order to seek the truth, he came across with three phases: The first phase was to seek out two Hindu masters as a student, the second phrase was to join a band of ascetic and to try their way. When Siddhartha was doing these phase, he became so ill that there was one point thought he will die. The…

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