Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, And Christianity Essay

825 Words May 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
World Religions was a great opportunity for me to learn about other beliefs in different countries. Before this class, I was unaware of many of the religions that had been discussed. It was fascinating to learn about the various religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese religion, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. The Buddhist religion was one of the most interesting to learn about, however, it was even great to learn more about a familiar religion, Christianity. There was a lot of information on each of these religions and it was enjoyable to learn the similarities and differences between each of them. In particular, Buddhism was a complicated religion. Buddhism consisted of many forms including Zen, Tibetan, Mahayana, etc. It was difficult to keep these different types straight an example is that in Zen, they believe that enlightenment is achieved through mediation, whereas Tibetan, they believe that enlightenment is achieved through helping others; trying to remember how each form can achieve their enlightenment was difficult. One thing about Buddhism that was simpler to comprehend was the aspects that related to the Hindu religion. Similar to Hinduism, Buddhism involves meditation, the belief of reincarnation, and the various paths to enlightenment. The various ways in which these two religions intertwine made it easier to follow and learn about each. Hinduism was a completely new religion to me because even though I had heard of it, I did not know one detail…

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