Buddhism And Buddhism : Ancient Religions Essay

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Jainism and Buddhism are two ancient religions that emerged on the Indian peninsula approximately 2,500 years ago. Jainism is believed to have appeared between the seventh and fifth century BCE in the Ganges basin of Eastern India (Britannica) and its philosophies are widely based on the teachings of Mahavira (The Great Hero), considered the twenty-fourth and last of the Tirthankaras or “fordmakers of the current cosmic cycle” (Fisher, 2014). Buddhism emerged between the late sixth century and fourth century BCE in the northeastern part of India (Britannica). The Buddha, or the “Awakened One” had a tremendous contribution to the philosophies and traditions of the newer religion. Buddhism and Jainism emerged in India in a time of religious and social change and as a reaction to the Brahmanic dispositions towards materialism, animal sacrifices, and caste system.
Although the two religions originated in Hinduism and borrowed some of the key elements (karma, liberation, reincarnation), they also present distinctive features from the religion that inspired them. Both Jainism and Buddhism challenged the authority of the Vedas, the Hindu scriptures, and rejected their teachings. At the same time, the new emerged religions gave an innovative perspective to religion, in general, by not acknowledging the existence of a God as a creator of the universe and mankind. The two consider the universe without beginning or ending and humans are able to achieve the highest spiritual state.…

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