Bryan Stevenson 's Just Mercy Essay example

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While reading, Bryan Stevenson’s, Just Mercy, I noted that his central theme was to accentuate the racial bias against African Americans in the criminal justice system. Throughout his book, Bryan discussed a variety of injustices between the African American community and the Criminal justice system. The disparities within the African American community and the involve the social stigma of them being criminals; their engagement in drug activities, thieves, and murders. The skewed perception that the justice system has toward African Americans, threatens the livelihood of the individuals associated with that community. Therefore, the police officers will avenge the neighborhood from the heathenistic ways of the African American comminutes by arresting them and imprisonment. The thesis of this book was to emphasis that the criminal justice system is not always guaranteed to demonstrate justice to the citizens, instead, their discriminatory behavior has Bryan Stevenson is an African American lawyer who grew up in a small rural, country area in Delaware. He earned his law degree from Harvard Law school and began an internship at a prestigious law firm in Georgia. Stevenson had his first defendant encounter with his defendant in his early 23 years old. Like most newbies, he was nervous and was not quite sure what to expect, however, his first encounter altered his perception of his career purpose for the rest of his life. He described the jail cell as dark and dismal, while…

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