Essay on Broken Places By Michele Phoenix

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Ever since the beginning of time, people have always been controlling and have been making rules so that in a culture every one is the same. This makes a culture uniform and together to be able to be stronger because everyone is alike. However, there are times when people must break free and become their own person to explore the world and achieve greatness. As in the book, In Broken Places by Michele Phoenix, the story is set in Germany. Many immigrants, such as a mother named Shelby and daughter named Shayla are faced with the strict nature of the German culture. Shelby had just moved to Germany with her daughter Shayla from America. The mother daughter duo is forced to assimilate to German cultures and is faced with many obstacles. Despite the fact of judgmental community influences, strict gender roles, and restrictive relationship pressures in Germany ultimately push Shelby to follow her own rules through hard times.

First of all, the German culture expects everyone to obey the community rules which make Shelby break away from the community. When the rules are not met, they will take it as a form of rebellion against the culture. In Germany, they have many rules such as on weekends, especially Sundays, the streets are dead silent. If any noise is made the community will not allow it. This is because Germans are very religious and spiritual, 65% to 70% of the population is Christian. As because of this, the community likes to rest on holidays and weekends as it says in…

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