British And Native American War Essay

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• After setting through a few weeks of history, it is extremely hard to choose three changes which have been the biggest changes in the Unites States from 1783 to 1865. I feel like all of the topics, in which we talk about in class, are extremely important to the United States history. Just a few of the more complex changes that I came up with are: abolitionist movements, French and Native American War as well as women’s rights. All three of these topics made an extreme change in the United States that can still be seen in the present day. To start off, slavery was one of the cruelest things that a living person could endure. We reference slavery in our lives on a daily basis, yet many have not a clue what actually happened while slaves were enslaved. Slaves began to come from places in Africa, and soon were abundant in the United States circa the 18th century. Slaves were forced to work in extremely poor conditions (Pomet, “Illustration of Slaves Cultivating Tobacco”, 45) and were housed in poor places. The slaves would be whipped for whatever their masters felt they wanted to whip them for (Byrd, “Describes His Views Toward Learning and His Slaves”, 44-45). Slaves where governed on and idea that their authority takes all of the freedom and responsibilities away from those subordinate to them, in which would be the slaves(Morgan, “The Effects of Paternalism Among Whites and Blacks”, 58-68). They were unable to have opinions and had to do everything that the master told them…

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