British Airways Pest Analysis

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British Airways PLC, a British air-transport company, is branded as one of the largest airline in the world carrying approximately 36 million passengers a year. Its headquarters are established near Heathrow Airport in London.

In 1935, small UK air transport companies arose together to form British Airways. Later, the British Government joined British Airways with its competing airline firm, Imperial Airways to form British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC).
British European Airways (BEA), a new airline was started for domestic flights. Until 1960s, BOAC and BEA were leading airline companies of Britain. British Airways formation took place on 31st March 1974 as a result of a merger between BOAC and BEA. It was later privatized in 1987.

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These companies are officially listed on the stock market. Exceptional amount of capital can be introduced and since the company is made public, its high status will gather more investors. Usually, a private limited company can be converted to a public limited company. For this, the company has to pass a statement in the Memorandum of Association stating that it has made the company public. It would also have to disclose all its accounts to public and list its company on the Stock Exchange.

• Shares offered can help gain finance for the organisation • Disclosure of the company’s accounts since the company is listed in the Stock Exchange
• Shareholders have limited liability i.e., the personal assets of the owners and shareholders are not liable if the company incurs a financial instability. • Many legal requirements to form the organisation and to be listed in the Stock Exchange

• British Airways,

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