Essay Brine Shrimp and Ethanol Alcohol

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The Effect of Ethanol on the Viability of Artemia salina as Environmental Indicators

Biology 151 Laboratory

ABSTRACT Artemia salina are used as environmental indicator species. They are used to test changes in their environment. A. salina is sensitive to toxins, temperature, and drugs. For the experiment, cysts were put into different amounts of ethanol alcohol and their viability was measured. The hypothesis used was if there is more ethanol alcohol, then the viability of the brine shrimp is unfavorable. The brine shrimp were put into sixteen Petri dishes with the same amount of brine solution. Different amounts of ethanol alcohol were added to each Petri dish. After 168 hours, the brine shrimp were
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They were put away in a closed drawer for about a week. After 168 hours of leaving the cysts in the alcohol, the number of surviving eggs and dead eggs were recorded. The viability was calculated by counting the number of swimming or alive nauplii and dividing them by the number of dead or not swimming nauplii. This experiment was repeated four times. The relationship of ethanol and the viability of A. salina was calculated as the ratio of swimming to cysts or not swimming. The averages of groups one through four, the standard deviations, and the t-test was evaluated.

After 168 hours, the cysts became nauplii and some died and some survived. In treatment four, there was no ethanol alcohol mixed with the brine solution; it had the lowest viability. Treatment one had the most viability with 0.10 mL of ethyl alcohol. Treatment two and three had the most ethanol alcohol therefore the viability was low as well, but not as low as treatment four (Table 1). This shows that small amounts of ethanol alcohol are favorable for brine shrimp viability. The average, also shows that the viability of treatment two was the highest, which represents brine shrimp are able to survive in minimal amounts of ethanol alcohol (Table 1). The viability of the shrimp started to increase and then had an acute decrease (Figure 1).
With the averages, the standard deviations were also calculated. The standard

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