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Brief Summary of Article
According to the US. News Core Inflation Surge Still Not Enough to Hike Rates, the main idea is that the U.S. has faced pricing pressure recently. Government just released the consumer price index, which refers to the average price U.S. consumer pays for goods and services. Compared with January, the consumer price index was unchanged, but it still has not been positive since last November. To be more specific, the energy price such as fuel oil costs decreased 6.5%, and the utility gas services fell 0.6%.

The U.S. price pressure cannot to be considered as "normal" in the past two or three years. Low price pressure is not a bad thing for the U.S. consumers, and low inflation complicates the Federal Open Market Committee, and Fed 's will plan interest rate hikes. The general method to ease the inflation hike is increasing rates in order to combat inflation, however, the encomiast suggest that the price pressure is not as bad as imagination, at this moment, the Federal Open Market Committee does not need to rise rates.

Connection Between the Article and Economic Tools
Inflation is a normal concept in Economics. No matter high inflation or low inflation, it could have some effect on economy. If there is a high inflation, it could effect on several aspects of economy. Such as the goods and service will be more expensive than before, and then consumer will spend more money on buying goods and paying bill for services; in addition, high inflation might…

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