Brief Summary Of ' Alec Smiles ' Essay

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Alec smiles, “I’ll hang around, at least for a little while.”
I start to say something, but then yawn.
Alec lifts his hand and starts walking to the door. “Get some sleep.” he says, “I’ll wake you if any of the soldiers from the hospital somehow tracked us down.”
“I’m alright.” I say, “I can keep watch.”
Alec stops at the door and looks back. “I think it might be better, for your friend to wake up to a familiar face, then someone he’s never meet before.”
My lips quirk into a smile, as I imagine, Adam waking up to find a perfect stranger in the room with him.
“I guess you 're right.” I say, “but you’ll wake me if anything happens, or if you need some rest?”
Alec nods and walks out the door. It’s strange, but even after he’s gone, I can still feel the pressure of his palm on my shoulder. A few minutes after Alec’s gone, and I lay down alongside Adam, and my thoughts drift back to the hospital.
When I saw Cydni standing in front of the elevators, for just a moment I almost felt like I was back home, I’d wanted to hug her, but she’d held up a hand to stop me.
What are you doing here? I remember asking.
I can’t tell you, but let 's just say, it 's something Samson wanted me to do. She glanced over her shoulder at a security camera on the wall above the elevator. Avery listen to me, the Rebel headquarters is in danger of being discovered.
I remember staring at her in shock. But how?
There’s no time. She had said. I shouldn’t be doing this, but I haven 't been able…

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