Brief Outline Of Urban And Regional Planning

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Bryan Smith
Arch 215: Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning
December 12, 2016

Veteran Homelessness Anyone that has walked along a city street has probably been approached at one point or another and has been asked if they have spare change. People react differently in this situation almost instinctively. Some ignore the question altogether and move past as if it never happened, others feel the need to explain why they do not have any change to give as if the guilt is too heavy for them to bare, and then there are some that are extremely generous and give their change to the person in need every time they have some to give. These people either feel good about themselves after fulfilling their Christian duty to those in need, or maybe annoyed that they were asked for their hard-earned money. Nevertheless, in most cases, neither party understands the complexity of why these people are always asking for money or how they ended up living on the streets. These people that ask for spare change are usually labeled as bums, vagrants, poor, beggars, the less fortunate, the needy, or the homeless but what made them this way and what demographics are they composed of? Furthermore, why do these people show similar characteristics whether you meet them on the East or West coast, and how has this effected the city’s urban fabric? The fact is that homelessness is not a new phenomenon and the people that compose the homeless population are

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