Brief From A Self Portrait By Barbara Jordan Essay

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To be able to prepare yourself in your education, you have to learn the process of reasoning first. “Excerpt from a Self-Portrait” by Barbara Jordan was written to inform her reader the experience she had to adjusting to a new world. In order to lean and live up to ones potential, he has to be familiar with the process of thinking. Adjusting to new changes where there’s sexism & racism doesn’t make it easy for who isn’t familiar to this new world. Therefore, I am able to connect to Jordan’s experience. She was a young woman who was also a minority in a world that was different then what she was living in before. Even ‘till this day sexism is a major issue in our community. Jordan expressed herself as feeling ‘delighted’ when she would get called upon to recite class. She also mentions that in law school one of her professors had Lady’s day. “There were certain favored people who always got called on, then on some rare occasions a professor” (52)… I remember in high school the boys’ soccer team always compared themselves to the girls’ soccer team. The boy’s soccer team always made fun of the girls soccer team. I always thought it was because we lost a couple times. That couldn’t be it because the only times we lost were against private schools. That was until later that the boys kept saying that girls aren’t meant to play sports. We kept their mouths shut alright. We won 2nd place in districts! On the other hand, Jordan found a way to get through her studies with the help…

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