Breast Cancer : The Most Common Type Of Noninvasive Cancer Essay example

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Cancer has been around for a longtime, but breast cancer has become more prevalent in the past ten years, and the second leading cause of death in women. Although breast cancer is a more common factor for women, men can also have breast cancer. However, the survival rate of men is less than that of women with breast cancer. There are different types of breast cancer, however; Ductal Carcinoma Cancer is the most common type of noninvasive breast cancer women experience. The American Cancer Society (ACS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC), are two of the most knowledgeable resources one can find accurate data information concerning breast cancer.
Although in recent years The American Cancer Society (ACS) and The National Comprehensive Cancer Network, (NCCN), became partners providing the world with statistics, and pertinent information about resources, and treatment for cancer. As with all illnesses and treatment one’s state of mind is a major component and vital necessity in treating the condition. The individual must have a positive state of mind and attitude and family support. This paper will speak to the definitions, treatments, and the normal and abnormal anatomy and physiology of Ductal Carcinoma .
To have a clear view and understanding of the process women, and some men undergo through this illness, one must first define several basic terminologies in reference to breast cancer. These are terms such as breast cancer situ, and invasive…

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