Breast Cancer : An Abnormal Cell Growth Essay

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Cancer is an abnormal cell growth. Most cancers can be either benign or malignant depending on what stage and can be cured if treatments are done in time. Breast cancer is a neoplasm that forms within or around the breast, which includes the nipples, the areola, and the ducts, as well as dealing with exocrine glands that surrounds the breast. There are many forms of breast cancers varying from IDC, which is short for Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, invading the area where milk is on or around the ducts of the breast, ceasing or limiting production of milk. The other types of breast cancers involve ILC, short for Invasive Lobular Carcinoma, ceasing milk to pass through the breast, making it the second most common type of breast cancer. Breast cancer can also take the toll on the nipple as well as the areolas that surround the nipple, calling it Paget’s disease. Paget’s disease is evident when the areola is thickening and is becoming darker in color. Usually, the nipple is the same color as the sex organs as well as the lips, but rather when the patient has been diagnosed with Paget’s disease, the area around the nipple is rather dark and often has circles on the skin that laterally surrounds the nipple. Just like any type of cancer, there are five stages of breast cancer varying from type zero, type one, and type two, type three, and type four. Depending on what stage the tumor is, surgery is usually performed along side with options like chemotherapy, radiation therapy,…

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