Breast Cancer : A Deadly Disease Essay

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Breast Cancer is the disease cause by an uncontrollable amount of non-normal cells that surrounds tissue or areas of the body that originate in cells in the breast. Above all cancer is a very deadly disease, although some have cures, some don’t. Every single day one hundred and eight american women pass away from breast cancer. Breast cancer has many different cures, can be found many different ways, can be hereditary, and can take your life away. According to the American Cancer Society, One in nine women will get breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer starts with a single rogue cell, that grows and at some point it makes a lethal leap. This is just the beginning when it starts in the breast. At this stage, its just a matter of finding the tumor and removing it. Once it starts to spread then this is when it becomes dangerous. Breast cancer found in the breast isn 't what kills you, its when it spreads to other parts of your body then it becomes deadly. There’s no telling when this disease will become invasive so they treat everyone like it 's a potential life threat. Some say breast cancer can be genetic, but if breast cancer is most likely cause by a mutation in the cells formation. Any child born to someone with a BRCA mutation will have a 50% chance of inserting this mutation. The most widely used genetic test detects mutations in genes associated with breast and ovarian cancer. These test are called BRCA1 and BRCA2, which test genetics for breast cancer.…

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