Brazilian Contemporary Artist : Adriana Varejao Essay

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Brazilian contemporary artist, Adriana Varejão, utilizes her creative energy towards creating art that evokes the audience to question the coexistence of history and sacrifice. Varejão believes in the importance of creating art that, “…develop a language that makes sense inside of it. My work always deal with history in general, but history from the edges, marginal cultures.” ( The series of paintings entitled, “Tongues and incisions’” uses the exposure of raw flesh (oil on canvas and polyurethane on aluminum and wood support) to carry the heavy contrast between “rational, geometrical, cold” and “the presence of the body, history written in the body”. Such two descriptions carries the artist’s fascination with Portugal’s colonization in countries around the world. That with every conquered or sprouted cultural identity there comes a history, a past full of blood and tears. The artworks from “Tongues and incisions” captures the viewer 's attention, not through the element of surprise, but rather entices the minds to question the motives of Varejão as to why an artist takes the times to so meticulously decorate a very ornate background and decides to place a hugely, textured gash of hues that so clearly resembles the flesh of human beings. Adriana Varejão’s artistic strategy in the art society is an important and very much relevant ripple to the constantly turning tides of not just the arts, but to all that applies in the evolution of modern society. It is important…

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