Brazil : The Largest Country Of South America Essay

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Brazil is the largest country in South America. Its home to about 200 million people and variety of ecosystems. The connection between the society and the environment presents two major issues to the enormous country. One being the amount of poverty that floods throughout the area and the other being a crucial amount of environmental damage. This relationship can flow either way in a positive or negative aspect. Research shows that there can be a benefit rather than a detriment. Researchers in the observed articles all presented a problem that related to Brazil that involved poverty and the environment. Certain topics such as water quality, climate change, and recycling habits arose in the articles. After discussing the issues, they jumped right into their research of the country. The first article showed concern for the climate of the country and proposed a way to help against it. Brazil, being a non-developed country, relies heavily on the climate. In the first article, this topic is the main topic. Researchers Filho, Lapola, Torres, and Lemos (2016) examined the effects that population growth and human development has on the surrounding environment. One thing to remember is how dependent Brazil is on their climate. Without a suitable one, they may suffer from huge resource losses. If a drought were to hit the country, the cost of food products would rise tremendously. This would then contribute to the already extreme poverty levels they face. In their study they hope…

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