`` Brave New World `` By Ray Bradbury Essay

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Happiness can be deceiving. This deceit can sometimes be due to an unawareness of the truth. In some cases people are so blindsided by the happiness of their situation that the truth can become obscured. As seen in both Brave New World by Aldous Huxely and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the truth always finds a way to prevail. In these novels, the government does everything it possibly can to ensure that the people stay happy, whether that is through hiding the truth or merely suppressing it. Both main characters, pry into the past, before the government controlled everything, and try to resist the harsh guidelines the government has set. They both come to a certain realization that life without a knowledge and continuation of the past is wrong and in some ways unbearable. That is once the truth is revealed.
In the novel, Brave New World, the government eliminates all the things that could possibly lead to sadness and grief, with a goal of everyone leading lives of stability and happiness. In doing so, the society is deprived of the truth as well as things like emotion, love, and family. They also have history, religion, and books taken away from them. There is a sort of clash between the truth and what the government believes brings people happiness. By taking away so many things that we as humans experience in our everyday life such as emotions and relationships, the people now have an overwhelming dependence on each other. The idea that “everybody belongs to everyone…

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