Essay on Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

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The book Brave New World shows a world that has no individuality or exceptionality. Aldous Huxley decided to create a world where there was nothing but sameness and everything was communal. This equality was made as a thought after the expansion of communism out of Russia. He used multiple facets of society to hinder individualism in society in the story.
He began his story with a tour of the Department of Hatchery and Conditioning. By starting his story like this he shows you the main difference between the society in the book and ours the way that children are made and their lack of individualism. It explains the "bokonovsky process" as a process of making one fertilized egg a total of 96 separate fertilized eggs which then grow into embryos and then proceed to grow into full grown adult. This causes whole groups of people to become twins. The Government also introduced the use of drugs to keep the people happy. Whenever a person would get sad or mad or feel any emotion besides happy they would just take a drug called "soma". They gave the population of each caste a ration of soma after each day. This drug was used to control the population which kept the stability of the society. In the book the government also censors what the people learn about; certain castes are bred and taught to hate certain things like reading books and going outside. These teachings train the twins to be afraid of certain things. This allows the government to manipulate them easily due to this…

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