Brave New World By Aldous Huxley Essay

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Not only this, but Brave New World is more relevant to the modern world as it encapsulates the gathered feeling of apathy and aversion of feelings among the people in the real world, as apposed to 1984 which slightly refers to this attitude. The people in Brave New World live in a world free of negative emotions due to the elimination of families, religion, and books. Back in the Condition Center the Director explains the burden such institutions brought upon the people of the past, reasoning, “What with mothers and lovers, what with prohibitions they were not conditioned to obey,what with the temptations and lonely remorses..they were forced feel strongly. And feeling strongly (and strongly, what was more, in solitude, in hopeless individual isolation), how could they be stable?” (Huxley 54). However the Director’s description of the modern worlds practices may seem harsh and extremely pessimistic, upon closer reflect of our own society this attitude is held by many members of our society. In the contemporary world many people feel as if they are trapped by moral and emotional obligations to their family and religion; they would happily live the life they wanted if not for the quilt that came with disappointing ones parents or God. A perfect example of this is would be family oriented holidays, a large portion of society do not enjoy going to see family members during the holidays but do it anyway due to the crushing guilt they would if they did not. In the same vein, the…

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