Bp Gulf Mexico Essay

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1. Do you agree or disagree with Tony Hayward’s quote at the end of the case? Was this disaster strictly a BP failure or an industry accident? (One of my biggest mistakes was that I allowed myself to become the lightning rod for hatred and anger.” He went on to say, “I genuinely feel that this could have happened to anyone. This is not BP. It is an industry accident.)

I mostly agree with Tony Hayward because an accident of that size is a result of a complex combination of mechanical failures, human decisions, problems in engineering design and operational difficulties.
It is true that the problema could be avoided by a better performance of BP, but on the other hand there are regulators that allow that company’s behavior.

2. What
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They should also revise the infrastructures to make sure that everything is in good conditions and there is no danger for workers.

5. Why did so many employees — engineers, managers and rig workers — deem it appropriate to take significant risks?

The main reason was to obtain higher incomes. These profits came from investing in risky operations that were more productive than others. To hire employees prepared to do that risky jobs they should pay wages high enough to compensate the risks they were taking. This is reflected when BP discovered a pay zone containing at least 50 million barrels of oil, providing the opportunity for a significant return on investment.
Employees said that they were just following the standards give by BP.

6. Why did workers and management on the rig fail to oppose some of the poor choices that were made?

According to how the hierarchy of the company was structured, workers opinions didn’t have a big importance, so they didn’t make big efforts to make suggestions and improve the safety. That situation forces the employees to follow the rules of the CEO and not worry about anything else than performing their tasks.
Another reason could be that due to the few number of companies in the industry, workers didn’t want to risk their jobs because firms can share information about their employees.

7. What should Tony Hayward have done in the immediate aftermath of the accident to manage the crisis more effectively?


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