Boys Don 't Cry By Film Based On The True Story About The Life Of Brandon Teena

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“Boys Don’t Cry” is film based on the true story about the life of Brandon Teena, a transgender male. This film shows what life was like for Teena Brandon to transition to living life as Brandon Teena. It shows the struggle that he had to go through to live life and blend in as a male. Provides a clear picture of the sociological factors that affect the lives of transgender individuals and the reality of what could possibly result from others finding out about them. It shows the reality of transphobia and violence against transgender individuals. In the end, it shows us the tragic end of Brandon Teena’s life after having been raped by Tom Nissen and John Lotter on Christmas Eve and then murdered on New Year’s Eve to silence him.
The sociological factors that the film “Boys Don’t Cry” touched on through its content was that religious and moral views on what society deems as the gender roles and physical alterations to the body. The film throughout emphasized the fact that society fears what is different and sees being transgender as not normal. Overall, the bigger picture is that society believes that transgender individuals go against the traditional concept of sex and gender. The film brings this forth a great deal with the fact that when John Lotter and Tom Nissen find out that Brandon was born a female they react violently. They repeatedly raped and assault Brandon after finding out that Brandon was born female not male. Another sociological issue that this…

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