Boyhood ( 2014 ) Depicts A Boy 's Life Cycle, And Families And Intimate Relationships

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When comparing to other traditional cultures, children in the United States has a long stage of childhood to young adulthood. The movie Boyhood (2014) depicts a boy’s life experiences from childhood to young adulthood. Mason Evans Jr. is treated different from his sisters based on their genders. Another important aspect of this movie focuses on Mason’s parents, how their actions affect Mason’s growth. I will examine how this movie portray the process of Socialization and the Life Cycle, and Families and Intimate Relationships. First of all, the movie Boyhood focuses on the “postmodern family” (single mothers, blended families, cohabiting couples, lesbian and gay partners, communes, and two-worker families) rather than the traditional family where the father is the “breadwinner-father and child-rearing mother”. Being a single mother in a different city is uneasy for Mason’s mother, Olivia, so she moves the family to Houston, where it is closer to her mother. “Samantha, I have to go back to college… with this job, I can’t take care of us the way I’d like to.” It showed that being a single parent is difficult to hold a family, especially women. After she divorced first husband, Olivia and Bill blended their families together. Although Mason Jr. does not like Bill, but again, Olivia believes that a family should consists of two parents and some children. Blended family can results in an issue, especially when the children act up against a step parent. For instance, when Mason…

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