Essay about Box Inc. Company Based Out Of California

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Facts Box, Inc. is a software company based out of California. The co-founders of the company made it clear to each other when they started the company that they would all do their best to preserve the “secret sauce” behind their success. The executives at Box are focused on keeping their software “ridiculously easy” to access, use, and manage. The Box executives were trying to preserve their young start-up culture, and discovered in was rather difficult while expanding to almost 1,000 employees in headquarters in three different countries. As Box grew
The problems at Box Inc. arose when they began to expand. The Management believed that what they had started was something good, a hard-working young company with good people who were encouraged to dream big and take part in significant work. This company was founded a built by Aaron Levie, he is a man who takes chances, and has the attitude to drive a business, however not always in the correction direction. Dylan Smith spoke about dealing with Levie, crediting Levie with an enormous impact on the culture of the company. Levie believes in a culture in which the staff are encouraged to “dream big”. This lofty ideation can come with great risk. Smith states that Levie, can get caught up in the big picture, losing track of what is going on currently, often blind to just how realistic his ideas can be to implement. When asked about Levie, Sam Ghods stated: “he is one of the most stubborn people I have ever…

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