Border Security And Racial Profiling Essay

1574 Words Mar 14th, 2016 null Page
Whether it be at airports, railway stations or border crossing by car, the attempt to control the influx of people crossing is a prominent problem among western countries. Through each of these means, there’s an interaction of two concerns. First, border security understood as the many ways of controlling movement across regions. Second, racial profiling defined as the continuous pattern of being stopped by border patrols due to racial differences. On a broader sense, this ends up being a problem between due process and crime control: do one’s legal rights get ignored when it comes to the safety of the public? However, on a smaller scale, the research focuses on whether or not racial profiling of minorities, mostly Muslims, Latinos or African Americans, by border security is prominent, and in fact needed for effectiveness, throughout western countries. By looking at border security and racial profiling as one it underlies an important point about the central argument: border security is made possible by certain practices that are already racialized. By this, I mean that certain practices of mobility are only possible by taking into consideration assumptions about race, making the topics of border security and racial profiling as one rather than distinct. Based on the various sources, there were three western countries that made up most of the research: Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Examining each of these three countries in depth will underlie the…

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