Essay about Boots Strategic Planning and Implementation

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In current competitive business environment any company’s organisational goal is affected by company’s strategy planning and implementation. Strategic planning helps to develop internal and external future direction of the business and to define the needs to be anticipated and adapted to change with the external competitive market environment. It is related with marketing strategy, production and operations strategy, finance and other business objectives. A weak strategic marketing planning could create wastage of resources and miss the opportunities. Effective strategy is able to correlate the different operations within the organisation in order to reach a common goal.
Graeme Drummond, John Ensor, Ruth Ashford (2008)
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Plan: key point has been analyzed, shown below * Planning the current corporate and marketing situation * The key market factors * Nature and potential of key market segments * Corporate objectives and strategy considerations * Marketing objectives and strategy * Marketing action objectives and strategies * Resource requirements including marketing budget * Timescales * Monitoring * Review and control mechanisms.


The Ten Steps of the Strategic Marketing Planning Process:
Professor Malcolm McDonald describes in his book Marketing Plans - How to prepare them: How to use the ten step of the strategic marketing planning. Those are:

1. Mission 2. Corporate Objectives 3. Marketing Audit 4. SWOT Analysis 5. Assumptions 6. Marketing Objectives and Strategies 7. Estimate Expected Results 8. Identify Alternative Plans and Mixes 9. Budget 10. 1st Year Detailed

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