Book Summary: An Analysis Of Antonia's Tale

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The second half of the book began rather melancholy, much like the end of the first half. Chapter 18 is where I began for the second half of the novel. Rys acquires another sweet animal to care for in the home, hearing about his animals always seems to lighten the mood for me. Antonia is such a underrated hero. She is selflessly risking her life to protect people, some of which she did not know previously. Antonia’s friend Magdalena Gross is rather naïve in my opinion due to her stubborn ways of trying to live as normal of a life as possible. Although from the Nazi party 's overwhelming presence in Warsaw drives Magdalena to the zoo.
Antonia is a genius woman. She thinks very quick on her feet and is creative in finding ways to keep her guests
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I feel like some of the previous chapters composed of too much irrelevant information. Anyhow the story plot picks up when the Underground is sent an encrypted message. I wish it was a good message but it warns the Underground about the mass execution of Jews, putting everyone at high tension. It was terrible, the people in the underground had to have know some people who were forced into the Ghetto in 1940. Then now, two years later, see and hear that the Ghetto was liquidated and their loved ones were piled into train cars to be relocated to their execution. The level of terror that these people faced was …show more content…
Antonia is now alone to do all the work and left responsible for the many lives of others. This is where the book escalates, quickly. Hitler, to Hell with that man, heard word about the Uprising and sent his harshest troops to kill every Pole and destroy the city. This leads to German soldiers raiding the villa, obtaining vengeance against her husband for contributing to the Uprising. The soldiers took the boys, including Rys, behind the shed and fired shots. While this is going on Antonia explains what she felt, and it was heartbreaking. I felt my heart weighted down in sympathy for a moment. Then to find out the Nazis just “played such a funny joke,” (Ackerman 280) I do not see how that is funny in anyone 's twisted mind. As the war proceeds Jan is shot but alive in a Prisoners of War

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