Book Review: the Pursuit of God (A.W. Tozer) Essay

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Book Review
The Pursuit of God – A. W. Tozer

Chapter 1 Following Hard After God


In this chapter the overlying theme is the unrelentless pursuit of God with everything that we have. We are to abandon our way of thinking and allow him apprehend us, as we apprehend Him. A.W. Tozer in this chapter discusses the doctrine of justification by faith, as well as, the fact that science can not explain away the deity of God.

The first chapter also discusses the relation between horizontal and vertical relationships. The horizontal relationships are those relationships between you and I. The vertical relationships are those relationships between me and God. The vertical relationship is the most lasting and necessary
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I must keep my focus solely on Him and not allow life to distract or detract me from my purpose and goal, which is worship.

Chapter 4 Apprehending God


The theme of this chapter is to understand that God is real and His realness is our reality. The spirit realm is just as real as the place that we are standing. We use our sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell to investigate the world around us and God wants the same from us. We have to use all five senses in order to apprehend and know God for ourselves.

The author goes on to explain that if we truly want to know and follow God we cannot think of God in a worldly or even in a scientific manner. He is much bigger than our feeble thinking, but He is infinite and omnipresent. The overarching theme of this chapter is that we must be in this world, but not think like the world about God otherwise we may as well not serve or worship Him.


We are called to be “salt and light”, this is a difficult task if you do not have a revelation of who God really is. We are a society of “reality” shows; everywhere you turn there is a new form of escapism being broadcast on the television. For a Christian, God is or at least He should be your reality. The reason why we do what we do and feel what we feel, we should see Him in every facet of our lives.

As we begin to really press into His presence we will

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