Book Report On The Ramayana Essay

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Book Report on the Ramayana For my class book report assignment, I chose to read ‘The Ramayana.” The version I read is the shortened modern prose version of the Indian epic, written by R.K. Narayan.
The “Ramayana,” tells the epic story of Lord Rama. Rama is born to a king named
Dasrath, by Kausalya who is the king’s first wife. Rama is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Rama has two brothers Lakshman and Shatrugan who were born of the king’s second wife and a third brother named Bharat born of the third wife named Kaykeyi.
Rama married a princess named Sita. When Rama was supposed to be crowned King,
Kaykeyi wanted her son to be king instead. Kaykeyi forced the king to give her two promised boons and got her son Bharat installed as king and forced Rama into exile for 14 years. Rama’s wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana follow him into exile.
During his exile, Rama’s wife was kidnapped by a demon named Ravana. Rama and his faithful brother Lakshman, along with an army of monkeys and their leader Hanuman, rescued Sita and defeated Ravana.
According to the authors introduction, as well as what we learned in the classroom lectures, the Ramayana is a great Indian epic originally composed in Sanskrit and “ The Ramayana has lessons in the presentation of motives, actions and reactions, applicable for all time and for all conditions of life.” (pp xxiv) The Ramayana contains insights into the Indian social life, religious beliefs as well as political values. Throughout the…

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