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The Go-between

By L.P. Hartley

Leslie Poles Hartley was born in 1895; he studied in Oxford and was officer in France during World War 1. He was novelist, short-story writer and critic. His reputation as a writer was established with the publication of the trilogy of novels, The Shrimp and the Anemone (1944), The Sixth Heaven (1946), and Eustace and Hilda (1947). He died in 1972.

The Go-between was first published in 1953, the following year it received the Heinemann Foundation Prize of the Royal Society of Literature. Its film version was also very successful and won the principal award at the Festival de Cannes in 1973. This book is a fiction, it's a memory story: a man in his sixties looks back on his boyhood of the middle class
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He was a young boy of 12, invited to spend the summer school brake with a more affluent friend: Marcus. He fell in love with Marcus older sister, Marian. She was having a passionate affair with Ted, a farmer, but she was engaged with Lord Trimmingham. She exploited Leo who's a messenger between Ted and herself. She took care of Leo, buying him the clothes he needed, talking to him (she was the only one except Marcus)…In exchange he asked Ted to explain him physical love but Ted refused. The boy had only a shadowy notion at first about the significance of the messages but he soon realized that it was love messages. Disillusioned, he took his revenge changing one of the messages. The day of Leo's birthday, Marian is late and her mother goes to look for her: the lovers end up to be discovered. Pregnant, Marian is humiliated in front of everybody. Ted committed suicide. Leo is disappointed about life, fidelity and love. Remembering that summer, he wants to know what happened to Marian and goes back to Brandham Castle. There, he's charged of his last message: telling to Marian's grandson how beautiful and true her love with Ted was. The narrator has never married; perhaps does he still love her?

There are a lot of important themes in this book, the most evident is the discovery of sexuality and of the grown ups world of a teenage boy, the loss of his innocence. He is scarred sexually and emotionally by his summer experience. At the end of

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