Book Report On The Books ' Mobiles ' Essay

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school year, 45% of Black students and 45% of Hispanic students attended such schools, as compared to 8% of white students.
The park sites would be determined so that every child receiving free and reduced lunch would be within walking distance of a site. The book mobiles would have rotating books on loan from local libraries, and while the book mobile was parked at a sight, children would be able to read books of their choosing, returning them before the book mobile left. In addition, the book mobile would be staffed with trained librarians and teachers who would run themed programming each week, involving reading aloud and literacy games. Further, the book mobile would have a therapy dog and handler, so that the children could improve their reading skills by the reading to the dog.
Access to books would also be increased by efforts throughout the community. Money would be given to each town and city with a majority of their students on free and reduced lunch to purchase a large amount of books. They would then be given to teachers to give to students before they leave for the summer, to doctors’ offices to give to children on visits, to summer camps and Boys and Girls’ Clubs to give out to children when they sign up for camp/daycare and to any other places the community values.
There is no denying that increased access to books makes reading more accessible, thus improving education of minorities and disadvantaged students. The only possible concern with my policy is…

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